We are creative thinkers

Goblin Wallet is an online browser extension that facilitates the web3 experience and allows easy access to multiple popular EVM chains.
Our project aims to make the crypto experience hassle-free and very straight forward Goblin Wallet is being maintained by a capable global team from asia, europe and north america Goblin wallet is a fork of metamask with enhanced features devellopped by our team to give our Goblin users a unique experience.

Our vision is to build a strong and reliable crypto wallet

The world of Cryptocurrency is expanding with a number of new interesting projects that benefits our world, our goal here is to make people experience the blockchain safely through our Goblin Wallet


Safe and secure

Crypto coins and tokens are safe when traded on Goblin Wallet, & they cannot be stolen if users properly secure their private credentials.


Direct and straightforward

Goblin Wallet's features are direct and easy to deal with. Made for everyday users.


Creative team

Goblin is proud to have a capable and creative team of developpers working tirelessly on maintaining our services and include upcoming features to make the Goblin exprience a unique one.

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